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Originally Posted by The Sceptile King View Post
Okay, I know this is my first post in this thread, but I have been wanting to post here for a while now, so here goes! (BTW, I stole Rai's idea of completing Unvoa Pokedex!)
Yay! I am an inspiration :3

Black 2

I haven't played for a while because I was super busy with finals and then I lost my charger.

But I have been doing the Dream Radar in hopes of getting Landorus and Thunderus;t I have yet to cone across them.

I have been doing a lot of training, trying to complete my Unova Dex. In order to do this, I had to go to the Remember Girl (is that what she's called?) and have some pokemon remember moves that would help them evolve. I had my Piloswine and Yanma learn Ancient Power and my Lickitung learn Rollout.

From there, I evolved my Pilioswine and Yanma. (I am not sure why I skipped over Lickitung haha). I also evolved my Dratini, Palpitoad, and Spheal. Then I gave my Gligar a Razor Tooth so that I could evolve it into a Gliscor. My Unova Dex is slowly coming together!

Unova Dex

Seen: 297
Obtained: 239

Pokemon Go Dex: 75
ORAS National Dex: 395

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