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Originally Posted by lmcde22 View Post
The main games had better story and gameplay, taht's why they sell better. Pokemon Red and Blue are the best selling RPG games of all time so that pretty much tells you all you need to know.
I have to disagree, sales figures don't equal a superior storyline. Red and Blue started off the Pokemon craze, that's why they sold the most, People wanted to try out this exciting new game that was being hyped everywhere, not necessarily because they anticipated the storyline, maybe because all their friends had the game or they were eager for the mechanics or the Pocket Monsters themselves. Those games obviously needed a basic, satisfactory storyline to please players but perhaps there were other reasons for the sales figures exploding

But anyway, I'd have to say I like the spinoff titles more in terms of storyline. Main games stick to a familiar formula: Start in small town, choose a starter, get a Pokedex, go vs Gyms, fight evil team, catch some legendaries, beat E4 and become Champion.That's the story. Which may have been fresh and exciting for Red and Blue to make them sell highly, but GameFreak trying to reuse that basic plot in every main game title became stale for some people I guess.

Spinoffs bring a completely new perspective to the Poke Universe, like actually playing as a Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon titles! Or whatever Ranger games do with not owning Pokemon and using wild ones to help you. Not to mention Pokemon Conquest, which looks like nothing I've seen before. So that's why my vote goes to Spinoffs, they aren't afraid of doing something a little different. Main series games are still great of course.
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