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Quote originally posted by CrystalStatic:
Does anyone know where I can find an overworld sprite of Snorunt? I've been looking for a LONG time now... With no success
Maybe this could help?

But what robin22gongon provided you also has Snorunt's OW sprite. Just scroll a little bit down.

Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
Oh really? Were you looking so hard you never used Google and didn't click the second result?
You need to be more patient and kind with others, like how others are patient and kind with your questions.

Quote originally posted by 885ertd:
Whenever I try to make a new person event in Advance Map say something, the message box doesn't happen, even though I can hit "Open Script" and see that the script should work. The person will still face me, but it won't talk. What's gone wrong?
Post your script in the Script Help Thread. Maybe something is wrong with the script itself...

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