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I answered 25+ minutes in the poll, but really it only takes me about 10-20 minutes to shower.I have three other people to share the shower with and so I try to conserve as much hot water as I can. I shower every other day or every other few days. I have any clothes I want to wear in the bathroom already hanging on a hanger. I like to warm up the water before going in. Once I'm in the shower I start by washing my body with soap and then wash my hair with shampoo. I like to think about stuff sometime before or during the time of washing myself which is why it usually takes a bit longer. You know, ponder things. And call me weird, but I usually walk out of the shower before turning it off. I don't know why really, maybe because I really hate those few seconds of cold or hot cold water when you turn one shower knob off. Once I'm out I dry my self off by starting with my hair and working my self down. Usually it's hair, face, chest, waist, legs and then feet. Then I put on the clothes I want to wear in the bathroom and then head out to the dining room where the hair dryer is and finish drying my hair more.
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