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I don't tend to listen to many albums all the way through if I don't like a lot of the songs that start it off. Because of that, my choice will probably seem a liiiiiiiitle bit left-field: Bon Iver, Bon Iver by (you guessed it) Bon Iver. I absolutely love his work with Kanye West and went into this album with unbelievably high expectations. And maybe it's just a case of misplaced expectations, but after listening to it (twice, as well, just so that my first impression wasn't mistaken), I'd never been so bored with an album in all of my life. I know it's a severely minority opinion, but I was just so disappointed in this that you wouldn't believe.

To clarify, I'm sure there are MUCH worse albums than this out there. I just haven't had the misfortune of listening to them as of yet. That Lil' Wayne album above is supposed to be horrible, but I haven't heard a single second of it! :D
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