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Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
Yey, I was the second person (after karatekid) to view this thread! Heads up to 2 views!

This is IMMENSELY useful. I'm saying this, because I had a confusion about going-out-of-map-resetting flags. This is what I need.

And vars is something I used to avoid when I was a beginner, and only recently discovered the magic of script-tile vars.

But I do think there is SOME use of the Unknown? Or is there? I'm just really curious.

I'm gonna constantly check this for safe flags/variables.

But can you tell me more about the trainer flags which are 500-700. I want to know if they're safe with JPAN's Hacked FireRed Engine.
I'm going to write this big so that people scrolling through will notice it, not because I'm yelling at you.:p

JPAN's engine does NOT make any flags or vars safe.

In fact, it only makes vars not safe because some of its features restrict certain vars to doing certain things.

On regards to the trainer flags, there is flag for each trainer. Just add 0x500 to the trainer's number in A-Trainer to get the flag associated with it. When you beat a trainer, its flag is automatically set by the game. So, the only safe flags in that section are flags for trainers which you will not use, or don't exist.

I'm glad this helped you, hopefully it will help others. The unknown, is just that, unknown. There are quite a bit of things like this in the coding and are often called fillers or constants and they don't do anything other than separate data.

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