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Quote originally posted by Counterfeit:
Now, not that I need one at all but, is there a name for this? Demisexual seems the closest, but still pretty far off as the empathy doesn't have to come from any deep relationship.
Demi is probably the most accurate thing for ya.

Anyways, back to what happened last night:

So I decided I would finally tell my mom that I am MtF through a three page letter, also going about how the gender dysphoria has slowed down my progress, my life happiness, and how I'm just looking for support. Well when I got home last night we talked about it for about a solid thirty minutes. She was saying that she always knew something was upsetting me all the time, and was actually extremely happy to see me write it because it's the most feelings she has seen from me in all of my life. She went onto other stuff, like how she just wants me to be happy in life no matter what it takes, and said she supports me, is proud of me, etc.

TL;DR, happiest I've been in years.
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