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Okay, I was playing pokemon flora sky and hacking it at the same time. I deleted bulk up for my infernape, but I felt bad, so I went to a-tack, and I changed rock smash effect to that of bulk up, so that it damages and rasies attack and defense. I tried the game, it glitched everything up. I couldn't use rock smash again or it would freeze. I couldn't even teach it a new move or the game would freeze. Rock smash type be an upside down normal type. Literally. Normal was upside down. Remember, I changed the effect of rock smash from 69 to 108. So I decided to change rock smash back to original. I went to a-tack, but whenever I click on rock smash, it shows: Runtime error 308. Invalid property value. And Everytime I click ok or cancel, it exits a-tack. So I can't edit rock smash. Which leaves my game glitched up. Help?