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Originally Posted by Shadowraze View Post
Well all I can say this hack is great graphically.

I just don't think the hero OW is good enough ehhh I think it's just the hairstyle. I ca't wait for any scripting screenies goodluck on this.
Well, I like the OW, but if anyone can improve it, then so be it

Originally Posted by kaedearagaki View Post
Looks cool! I can't wait for the release.. I just want to try it out.
Thanks, I'm doing the best I can to make it fun for everyone, both in graphics and in gameplay.

Originally Posted by ominousacid95 View Post
Why in Spanish :[ It looks so pretty hehe :]
Because Spanish is the language I speak xDD!

Originally Posted by Darkywyvern View Post
I'm really looking forward for this hack. As other I hope it will be translate in english.
The plot looks interresting, so I hope your dialogs won't let us down!

I'm impressed with your trainer sprite. If all your custom characters have the same quality, the graphic aspect will really be stunning!
Well, something that is very difficult for me is to think the dialogues, but I'm trying to do as Gamefreak.

Originally Posted by xXNightsChildXx View Post
Really like the moving water and the shifting grass animations
Thanks, I also like my animations, give more life to hack =)

Originally Posted by pranoydstriker View Post
have u stopped working on this project
No D:
Just that alone is very difficult work: c
But I do everything to move forward as quickly as possible.

Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
Great hack. Love the hero sprite/ow sprite, to me it looks kinda like a yugioh zexal character. Great story line. Can't wait for updates.
Thanks, haha​​, is the hero of BeyBlade xD!

What's the new in this act.?
-Texts different for each time of day.
- The lighting in the windows.
-Characters that only appear in the day, or night.
-Characters who change places.
-Some changes in the map of the town at night.
And other things I do not remember xD!

Well, you see, I'm trying to make the scripts the more dynamic possible, if they have any
recommendations or suggestions would be very grateful to hear you say.
Well, I work in FR and users need to have knowledge in ASM and hex, I would like to help
me bring my hack to another level. ^ ^
Hope you like it!