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Originally Posted by ToWriteLove View Post
Alright, have a questions for all you traders, shop owners and quick traders alike.

What do you gain from trading? And by gain, I mean what are your goals?

Do you trade so that you can create teams to fight with?
In order to collect, for you enjoy looking at all of these awesome Pokemon?
To help others who are after Pokemon?
How about to simply just make friends/acquaintances?
Or is it a combination of the above?

Just me being curious. ^^ I for one do it in order to build competitive teams, making friends hopefully is just an added bonus for me. ^^
I trade because when I was most desperate for something I needed, someone here in TC was here to help me. I really appreciated that and I wanted to help people in that same way. It's why my shop is more focused on breeding than anything else. I get a sort of satisfaction out of knowing that I helped someone get something they either don't know how or just don't have time to breed, and knowing that they are happy because of what I do is one of the greatest feelings in the world.