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I agree with you, Anti, but I don't think there's anything viable that can be done in regards to allowing mature content in the main lobby. This is the PC Battle Server, and while it may not be directly connected with the forum, it is still associated with PC and its staff. The battle server may have gotten away with allowing mature content in the past, but higher staff eventually found out and are now taking action. I could convince the higher staff to allow vulgar, overly sexual content (to little or no success), but nothing of much value will come out of it. I like being sexually explicit from time to time as much you guys, but I don't think it's worth going through the trouble of allowing it, especially when we have a perfectly fine channel for everyone to go crazy in. There are regulars who don't like discussing or mentioning mature content, and there are those that do. We can't please everyone.

As for the issue with using one chat for both non-battlers and battlers, perhaps we could try making a separate channel with a focus on battling and whatnot. It's essentially the same as using different servers, but we don't have go through the trouble of having to host two servers at once. While I have been more concerned with utilizing the forum instead of a server as a way for establishing an active battle community, I don't see the harm in trying out the channel. However, just like a separate server, it will require some dedication from some members to make it work. Otherwise, it would still be difficult finding a battle.
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