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Okay, I'm a... somewhat regular so I think I can chip in here with the points of view of both the server regulars and the higher staff in mind.

I totally get what you're unhappy about, honestly. Of course it sucks pretty big-time when you've built up a community with its own general way of doing things and culture and a load of people come in all "NO THIS IS TERRIBLE CHANGE EVERYTHING AT ONCE". I'll agree fully that it's a real slap in the face for everything you've gone by for the past however many months it may be and it's obvious to me that some toes have been stepped on here. It's a rule I almost wish wasn't in place since I like a dirty joke or whatever as much as the next person.

However, as much as you guys don't like the rule (and as much as I hate coming across as a total tight-arse and a killjoy), as the server becomes a more integral part of PC it follows that the server's rules will need to come more in line with those on PC. Higher staff have recently become more aware of the fact that the server is indeed moving into a closer relationship with PC - exemplified by things like integrated links into newer styles and forum-wide admin-set announcements regarding BC's community days. Undoubtedly, in upcoming Get-Togethers, the server is going to have its own events going on and I personally think it's awesome that the server is having this involvement with PC. For me, something that helps promote activity anywhere is no bad thing. However, with more people from around the forum and whatnot coming in, as I say, we have to be more in-line with PC rules. And that means that discussion of things which wouldn't fly on PC, doesn't fly on the server.

Now - if people are getting muted/kicked for things as simple as mentioning relationships or sex or whatever, then that's something I'm not okay with and I feel is way too tight. Like, that shouldn't be happening imo at all. If we can allow threads like this, as a recent example, on the public forums then we can allow it on the server so if someone could provide me of examples where kicks or mutes have gone on for that kind of (honestly, rather mild) thing then I can look more into that and see if it can be changed because I feel it's excessive. However, I've also seen some stuff on the server which wouldn't be okay; stuff like incest, rape, deviance, things like that. That'd not be alright on here and in my eyes it's not alright on the server.

It does sound like people may have gone a wee bit overboard with enforcing these new rules and hopefully in time that'll even out but otherwise, yeah, we need the rule if we're opening up so much to the entirety of PokéCommunity. As this place becomes more public, more members who are not part of the general server culture which has been established will be joining. And those members will see stuff like this almost certainly very differently to how you guys might be seeing it.

I guess I wanted to post all that just to say that, while I understand the frustration here, it's a rule which'll be needed as PC becomes more entwined with the server (the alternative, which I don't think would be a great idea, being that the server dissociates from PC to keep its less PC-esque atmosphere) and I feel it's something which can be worked with. But it needs fine-tuning to ensure that it isn't over-enforced.
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