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Sin Rascalwolf aka the Blue Duke || The Great Sea

Age: 37

Position: Extended Family (Duke of Humilau, a destroyed duke-dom), cousin of Princess Misty, and serving as her personal guard, apart from the Kingdom's Knights.

Appearance: Sin Rascalwolf could be likened to a proud lion, both physically and figuratively. He is crowned with a thick blonde hair that he leaves uncombed. He has beady eyes that is colored to the gemstone called obsidian, a highly precious stone. He sports a thin stubble of facial hair, around his mouth. Sin stands at a height of six-foot-null. Though he could not be called as heavy-set, the muscle cuts around his body is evident because of the training he undergoes. His skin is deeply tanned.

During his reign as the Duke of his previous land, he is known to wear a deep-blue armor accentuated with a red cape when he is dealing with political matters in the kingdom. Some people's accounts tells of a rapier that is sheathed on his side, akin to many of the royalties of the world. However, when the Kingdom was destroyed and Sin fled to his cousin's domain, he shed the blue armor and cape. However, the color blue is still evident in his wardrobe. Nowadays, he wore a simple light armor, colored blue of course. He wraps a scarf around his neck, to prevent the cold, and hide some wounds. The rapier was nowhere to be found, but a long sword, colored deep-blue, is slung on a scabbard on his back.

History: Sin Rascalwolf was born of the Duke of Humilau, a faraway region, and Lady Violet, sister of Princess Misty's mother. His family was well-loved by their people. Sin grew up with the thought of inheriting the title of Duke and continuing what his father and forefathers started. His father prepared him by tutoring him in the arts of war, the intricacies of politics, general relationship with people, and Pokemon training. When Sin reached fifteen years, his father gave him his first Pokemon, a severely rare Pokemon that took quite a lot of money to buy. It was the water-type Oshawott. His father named it 'Seafarer,' and Sin was happy with him. He noticed that the Pokemon was colored differently than other Oshawotts he saw in texbooks.

Using Seafarer as his partner, Sin grew up, slowly becoming the young Duke. When he reached 24 years old, he was basically running the place, with his father simply as a figure-head. The Duke was happy with his son. Two years later, his father retired, and passed the title to Sin Rascalwolf. Duke Sin immediately put into actions all his plan he could not do until he had the title. Under his reign, Humilau experienced some kind of golden age. The townspeople loved him, Seafarer was growing strong, the trade between kingdoms increase. Sin Rascalwolf was dubbed as one of the greatest dukes to reign in the city.

However, everything changed when rogues started appearing during Sin's eight year of leadership. They took control of the landscape surrounding Humilau Kingdom. Soon enough, they grew in power that Sin is forced to deal with them. He never imagined that the rogues would be a powerful force and, by confronting them, he doomed his kingdom to the rogues. They overrun the place, and Sin was forced to flee with his people. He decided to go to his cousin's domain, in Goldenrod, and stayed there. The shame he felt in his inability to protect the town was too deep. He decided to remain as a Knight, without any noble powers, and protect Princess Misty. Sin Rascalwolf refuses to be called as part of the guards, more to be called as the captain of it being the protector of Misty. He's more like a volunteer, independent of any policies that may limit his movement and actions.

However, despite stripping himself of any political powers, Misty stills consider him as a political ally. Sometimes, she turns to Sin as a political adviser in matters of the kingdom.

Pokémon partner
Species: Samurott, nicknamed Seafarer
Appearance: Seafarer is a differently colored Samurott. He cannot be classified as a shiny Samurott, as shiny Samurotts have pink hair. However, Seafarer is just colored a deeper blue, and a dirtier white hair. One of its eyes is closed, a scar running on it.
Estimated level: 50

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