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Full name: Sakura Aiko  
Age: 18
Allegiance: Kingdom of the Forest
Position: Royal (Princess-Niece of Queen Erika)

Appearance: Sakura is small in stature for her age and can be described as a gorgeous young woman. Standing just below average height at 5 foot 2 inches. She has a small curvy, slender build that could be considered very frail as well, and weighs around 110 pounds. Her skin is very fair without a mark or blemish on it. Sakura has large bright purple eyes, a small button nose, and lush full lips. Her hair is a deep raven black and curly going down to her hips. She always has a sakura blossom in her hair by her left ear for her namesake. Clothing wise Sakura wears a light pink short dress, that has accents of white and the skirt is covered in ruffles and bows in the front. The top part of the dress has a corset like design with a bow and laces up in the back. She wears a matching pair of white shoes with a low heel and carries a pink shoulder bag to hold her things. Sakura also has a small dagger in her bag to keep her safe, and has a pink cane that she uses to help her walk when she is weak.

Her dress
Front Back

History: Sakura is the niece of Queen Erika and grew up very loved and sheltered. She was taught the ways a lady of the kingdom must behave and was never really allowed to go out to play with the other kids. Though this was mostly due to the fact that she has spent a majority of her life suffering from many illness due to being born with immunodeficiency. From the time she could walk Sakura was confined to the home of the Royal Family not allowed to venture outside it's walls on the rare occasions she was strong enough to get out of bed. Sakura loves her aunt deeply, for it was Queen Erika who kept her company at times during her bouts of illness. When Sakura was ten years old her aunt gifted her with a newborn Eevee so Sakura would always have a friend close by since she had no one but the family and the main guard.

As the remaining years passed Sakura became closer to her Eevee and after five years evolved it into a Leafeon. Though over those years she went through several more bouts of illness, including one instance were the entire family worried she would die. Now a beautiful young woman of 18, just recovering from being ill once again she begged her Aunt the chance to help in the fight against Lord Katashi, and was granted permission against her fathers wishes. Though still weak and not doubting the chance she might fall ill again Sakura is determined to prove her worth and help save her nation.

Pokémon partner
Species: Leafeon. (Fia)
Appearance: Fia is slightly different than normal Leafeon and can not be classed as a Shiny Pokemon either. Unlike regular and even shiny Leafeon Fia has bright blue eyes and a slightly blueish tint to her leaf like ears and tail. Fia always wears a crown of flowers, always of Sakura blossoms as homage to her partner and the royal family.
Estimated level: 50

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