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Quote originally posted by Aceraptor:
Does anyone know where Secret Power is?
You can buy TM43 from the furniture market near Pinearoma Villa.

Quote originally posted by ins4ne:
I caught Feebas, but I'm confused now, where is Berry Blender? Or there is another way for the evolution Feebas into Milotic in this hack?
Feebas evolve at Lv60, it might be a bit hard to evolve it, sorry.

Quote originally posted by noobsaid:
Sorry for pointing out that you could only have five pokemon for the White Kyurem event. I didn't know what was coming
No, that was not your fault, there're really so many things which I need to progress, thanks for your tips again.

Fixed several errors recently and released the fixed Version 2.29.
Fixed the evolving problem of Politoed and the map errors in Grey Island.
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