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Jericho Godbane
Ruins of Oerba: Towards Taejin II

"Even though I'm breaking orders, I'm following what we're supposed to do. Your civilians and it is my duty to do what I can to keep you safe, don't try to deny it hunter just because you haven't lived in any of the towns for years," Jericho heard Aurora speak to Daniel. The two of them started walking, so Jericho followed them. He grinned as he sense the tension between the two fighters. Both have redeeming qualities that would make a good leader. It'd be nice to see who will lead this group after all. If Jericho would have to choose now on which of the two would be the better leader, Jericho would side with Daniel. Aurora just seemed... young. And she's just using her position as a Guardian Corps to lead the group. Well, let's see this to the end.

Jericho decided to talk with the other guy. "So, uh, Ezra right? I did not catch your history back then. Care to make a little story telling with the 'big guy'?" Jericho asked.

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