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Fire Emblem: Re-Awakening

The time is set some 400 years after the events of Awakening. In that time, Chrom refused to allow Robin, who he had married, to kill herself in order to kill the Fell Dragon Grima, instead opting to use the power of the Exalted Falchion to put Grima to sleep. Grima is now a distant memory, a monster in stories told to ill-behaved children. Some say that, in secret, the remnants of the Grimleal seek a way to revive Grima, but most of these tales are discounted as fairy tales.

Robin and Chrom’s descendants continue to rule over Ylisse today. While Chrom originally refused the title of Exalt out of respect to his sister, his kin have since reclaimed that title, having forgotten the original reason to forsake it. The title is currently held by Exalt Nadforth, and first in line to the throne is Prince Nokam. Ylisse remains a prosperous nation, far more so than its neighbor’s. This is partly due to the renewing of Naga’s power, and through the completed Fire Emblem making its home there. Regna-Ferox was unified into a single state due to two of its Warlords getting married. Plegia remains much as it was at the time of Chrom, though it has much less Grimleal influence in modern times. The Valmese Empire continues to rule over a large majority of the western continent, but numerous small states have peacefully broken away. The Manakete and Taguel races have been restored, though both races are still small in number.

A few months before this RP starts, The Exalt and his queen were assassinated. There was no evidence as to who committed the murder, but it left the Exaltship in the hands of Prince Nokam. Claiming that the Prince was too inexperienced with statecraft, the control of Ylisse has passed to the Council of Advisors, who is claiming stewardship until they deem Prince Nokam worthy. They entrusted him with his father’s Falchion as a gift of friendship, though it has long since lost its Exalted Falchion status. He is one of the blade’s chosen, and he has wasted no time in training with his new blade. He renewed the Shepherds, having read about Chrom’s band in a history book. They mostly serve as his militia, and also allow him to find those best suited for high-ranking positions in his army.

Unbeknownst to Nokam and his advisors, the assassination was actually organized by the remnant of the Grimleal. Their leader, Farden, has drawn close to a method to revive Grima, and decided that he should remove the king, who is a very powerful swordsman who could pose a threat to the new order he is trying to establish.

You are a new recruit for the Shepherds. You may be a citizen of whichever continent you choose, but must currently live near or in Ylisse. You can be a member of the new Shepherds, or you can be a neutral mercenary working for Ylisse. You can also be an “Enemy” unit, but you must join up rather quickly. This is mostly to avoid Characters clashing and also to make it easier on me.
You can pick to be one of these basic classes to begin (advancement to be made at the sole discretion of the GM.) If you have another idea for a class, don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll determine if you can use that class.

Tactician: A student of the art of war, skilled in both swordplay and the magic arts. May be an initiate in the ways of the strategy of Grandmaster Robin, who wrote many books on tactics.
Myrmidon: A swift specialist in the blade who specializes in dodging enemy attacks. May be of several professional schools, or may be self taught. Not a common specialty in Ylisse.
Cavalier: A mounted unit in Medium armor. Wields swords and lances. Common units in the Valmese Empire.
Knight: A heavily armored infantry unit that wields lances.

Barbarian: A lightly armored, axe-wielding thug.

Fighter: A scrapper with high strength. Wields axes.

Mercenary: A well-rounded professional that wears medium armor and wields swords.

Lancer: A well-rounded infantry unit that wields lances.

Fencer: A speedy swordsman that uses rapiers. Almost exclusively taught through an Ylissean school.

Archer: A unit that attacks from a distance with bows.

Rider: A mounted archer that is good at hit-and-run tactics.

Thief: A shadowy figure who is an expert at unlocking locked things, but not so good at combat. Wields knives.

Wyvern Rider: A powerful aerial unit that rides a wyvern. Wields axes. Wyverns originated at a specific location on the western continent, but usage of Wyverns has become more widespread in recent years.

Pegasus Knight: A fast aerial unit that rides a pegasus, wields a lance, and is vulnerable to archers. Common unit in Ylisse.

Priest/Cleric: A member of the clergy with almost no experience fighting. Heals with staves.

Troubadour: A female only mounted healing unit that cannot attack.

Mage: A tome wielder that uses elemental magic.

Monk: A holy mage that uses light magic.

Dark Mage: A practitioner of Dark magic. Common in Plegia.

Shaman: Another practitioner of Dark magic, however they are not from Plegia. More often, the are from the "less civilized" areas of Regna-Ferox.

Dancer/Bard: A skilled artist that uses their skills to inspire those on the battlefield. Both classes use knives in combat.

Manakete: Both a race and a class, manaketes age slowly and have the ability to transform into dragons via a Dragonstone.

Taguel: Also both a race and a class, Taguels use Beaststones to transform into their beast form.

All forum rules apply.
No bunnying/godmodding
Be respectful
Romance is allowed, but lets keep it PG please.
Please post at least once a week. More than two weeks of unannounced absence will result in your removal from the RP.
Code word is “Checkmate!”


Character Name:
Gender: (I’m pretty sure there are only two options so…)
Age: (19-40)
Class: (See above)
Appearance: (Pictures are fine, but include a description too)
Personality: (At least one paragraph.)
History: (At least two paragraphs.)
Code: (Read the rules!)

Some other information!
Just to make it clear this RP is neither turn based, nor is it grid based.
Advanced classes will be posted once someone is promoted.
Weapons have no specific advantage over any other, other then range.
On that same note, weapons come in several types; Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, and Brave, in order from weakest and cheapest to Strongest and most expensive. There are also specialty weapons, such as Levin Swords, Killer weapons, and Superior weapons.
Tomes (other than Dark tomes) come in standard (Light), Elder (Ellight), and Arc (Arclight.) Dark tomes instead just come in assorted types (Nosferatu, Ruin, Mire, ect.)

Accepted Players

  • [Prince Nokam Ylisse][YellowGardevoir]
  • [Mason Smithson][Nideous]
  • [Spot Available]
  • [Erika Fugi][DarkMoonPhase]
  • [Spot Available]
  • [Lutaro][SomariFeyWright]
  • [Spot Available!]
  • [Cloff]and[Arfo Saylin][darkpokeball]
  • [Tarin Anace][Dansparce]

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