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He saw a figure like his, hidden in robes. Possibly an Umbran, judging by his slenderness. He sat on the table and introduced himself, also sending a message to his mind. Hidden you not possess a face? If so, why hide it?

Death is faceless. I represent him as faithfully as I can. Such is the meaning of my appearance... which appears to be strikingly similar to yours. You do have a face. Why hide it?
He was using the exact same words the Umbran magician had let out. He wished just thinking of the words would transfer them to - Abraham, wasn't his name? - his mind.

Another hooded figure caught his eye, a human, as it happened. He was not really looking forward to meeting him. When the priests of the temple of Delinus had told him that his parents had abandoned him, he had developed a growing loathing for fellow humans. This human proved himself to be a bard when he started his song for all the tavern to hear, making Vesper frown in disapproval. He thought of songs and poetry as such a waste of time, when the bards could be doing other, more important activities. Despite his thoughts, he forced himself to clap slowly at the bard's applause, but his eyes were quickly drawn to the old Musi, who started talking, now that they were all here.

When the old Musi placed that remark upon his clothes, he utterly dismissed it as irrelevant to the subject. She started speaking of goblins, just what he had come in Desus for. The caves didn't sound much like the environment he would normally move through, and that made him shift in his seat, considering. She spoke of the treachery of the caves and then Richard, the lost warrior that had been sent to deal with the goblins. He carefully considered the last of her offers, restless as he always was.

"Supplies would do us good, if anything," he spoke. "And additional information is welcome to our cause."
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