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I think it was easy political points and PR for the NRA to cast the gun control crowd as overly PC, irrational people. I wouldn't say they're fighting the madness, they're taking advantage of it. I'm sure they'd love for these to happen more often, at least as much as until it starts wearing out.

It's interesting that America is so sensitive to guns that even child's play cannot be permissible. When I was in China, there was a kid on the subway trying to fold a paper gun. I made one for him. It's nice because I a) have some origami skill, and b) didn't feel guilty trying to do it. I could never get away with that where I live (or maybe I can, because most people are immigrants).

He definitely shouldn't have been suspended, but that begs the question what should have been done about it. I do think that this could've been managed as the classroom level. I'm not sure if taking him aside and speaking to him privately about it would be overdoing it or doing not enough. Kids are creative and energetic, so if you give them enough time they will make random things and I don't think that's bad at all, even if it happens to be a gun. I think the teacher should've spoken to him in private about not acting in this way for the sake of others who may be sensitive to the imagery of a gun.
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