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Sorry for the delay.

Update #3

- I made my way through the Cycling Road and into Fuchsia City. I went straight to the Safari Zone after healing up at the Pokemon Center.

- In the Safari Zone, I picked up Surf, Steel Wing, Sunny Day, the Warden's golden tooth, a Dratini (ZEUS) and a Pinsir (ARES). I went to get the Strength HM and the Rare Candy from the Warden after that.

- I went back to the top of Cycling Road and did some serious level grinding.

- All of my Pokemon were on average, level 40 by the time I took on Koga's Gym (my Dratini evolved into a Dragonair). ATHENA (Staryu) soloed with Psychic.

- After, I surfed down to the Seafoam Islands to pick up a Water Stone to evolve ATHENA into a Starmie. I also taught Substitute to ARES from the Move Tutor.

- I level grinded some more, making my way back up to Lavender Town and then to Saffron City.

- In Saffron, I took on Team Rocket at Silph Co. I picked up Focus Punch and taught it to ARES to get the Substitute/ Swords Dance/ Focus Punch combo. I also got the Master Ball.

- After I beat Team Rocket, I went back and found 5 of the hidden rare candies I left behind so that ZEUS could evolve into Dragonite.

- ZEUS and ATHENA took down Sabrina's Gym without much difficulty.

- When I was finished with the Saffron Gym, I went to the Power Plant to pick up the TM for Thunder.

- I then went back to the Celedon Game Corner, picked up all of the loose coins on the floor, and then spent about 2 hours playing the slots. I picked up Ice Beam (which I taught to ATHENA) and Iron Tail from the gift shop.

- Later, I went to Cinnabar Island to regenerate the Old Amber I picked up at Pewter City. Aerodactyl (I named HERMES) is my mandatory fossil Pokemon. I'm currently trying to get him up to par with the rest of my team via the VS Seeker.

- When I get HERMES up to scratch, I'll go to the Pokemon Mansion to find the Key to open the Cinnabar Gym.

Badges: 6/8

My current team:

Level: 55
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Overgrow
Razor Leaf
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder

Level: 42
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Natural Cure
Ice Beam

ZEUS (m)
Level: 55
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Inner Focus
Dragon Rage
Brick Break (from the S.S. Anne)
Shock Wave (from Lt. Surge)

ARES (m)
Level: 50
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Focus Punch
Brick Break
Swords Dance

Level: 26
Nature: Careful
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide (Rock Tunnel Move Tutor)
Aerial Ace (TM I picked up on Route 9)
Steel Wing (Safari Zone TM)

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