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Ooookay. ;

Frostweaver- Strangely, you're a Horsea. o.o; Being a Horsea, you can easily worry about the slightest things, degrade yourself at times, or maybe get bullied around too much. You think of the most practical things for every reason, and throw in extra things 'just in case.' Still, you have good intentions for your closest friends and an intelligence to average out. Just don't fret too much and stick with your decisions confidently. =)!

Light- Wartortle. >>; You can get a bit light headed or stuck up, but you're still someone with good intentions. Even though people might take the wrongly accused impression of you, you're actually a very cooperative and fun pokemon to hang out with. Of course, being a Wartortle, you hate admitting your problems, let alone giving in that easily, but that's what gives your unique mischief and a sense of humor. =)

klducks- ...ummm....can you answer 18, 16, 3? Please? ;_;

Dark_Pikachu- You're a Wigglytuff. Not in public, you can get as violent as you want, which is pretty scary. XD But to others/friends, you reveal a nice side of yourself, something everyone adores the most. You are extremely friendly and brimming with some kind of childish simplicity, always willing to help and suggest new things. However, as a Wigglytuff, there's always that other side people don't know. *eyes suspiciously* >>;

dpkuro- ...Pidgeotto. =X;;; You can be a bit overprotective of the things you're unwilling to let go, as well as aggresive in some cases. You go more on the equilibrium, meaning you want something precisely equal for the things you give away. If not, then who cares, right? You're very clever and cunning, using your skills to get the things you want. People might not know it, you of course pidgeottos have emotions they prefer not to show. Just don't hide up some feelings.

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