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Here's what I think you guys should do in the "post once" threads department.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Try to show us the way. The reason is, is that we're all too scared of starting chit chat, and then we come back an hour later and we have a PM saying "stahpit" and possibly an infraction. If the leaders (mods and regulars) showed us what's "appropriate" in this forum, we'll follow because we all want to chat naturally anyways.

Like, for example, it wouldn't be "appropriate" in ROM hacking to give one-liners such as we do in the DCC because it's sort of a more "formal" and "scientific" forum, but it wouldn't be appropriate to take everything seriously in the DCC, because we're relaxed. At least relatively. And if you can't take a joke, then that's something that's inappropriate. And as such, give us your "line" so that we know we won't cross it.

So things like that.

And for the PotW, PotM sounds like at least a 4x more prestigious contest. There's a level of urgency. Such as the HotM vs HotY. Hack of the month, you think "hey, if I don't make this, I won't need to wait very long to try again". But Hack of the Year? OMG IT'S ONE WHOLE YEAR AND IT WON'T COME AGAIN FOR ANOTHER YEAR. The prize is delectable YESSSS

And for the voting, if you make this a bit more of a spectacle (not MMA spectacle, but just like "this comes once a month only!"), you guys will attract some attention, and people will feel compelled to participate in the voting.
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