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Originally Posted by Jbsundown View Post
Guys, looking through my PC I have a very rough Alpha version of the game, this poses me with two choices.

1) I release the ROM as it is, it has OWs, basic story and mapping. I've not played it too much, but I do know that it is playable, how far it goes, I do not know.

2) I re-form a team and try to continue the ROM with the story that DarkRisingGirl had written on the front page with possible changes.

I've never made a ROM hack as my own before, I've only helped. So if the second option were to be chosen, I could only help with OW sprites and the story.

Choose guys, it's all up to you!
I'd be greatful if you did both...everyone would be... BUT I think that you should have DRG's permission to do this.
I'm really disappointed to know that DRG won't make a public release ( unless she changes her mind ) . I hope that your idea will work .