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I started my adventure on May 26th. I named my trainer Karli, which means covered with snow. I named my rival Aiden, which means fire. I picked Oshawott as my starter, who happened to be female on my first try. I didn't have a nickname in mind for her, so I named her Winter.

I just beat Burgh today. I started the match with Skitty, which I captured around the Castelia sewers. I had transferred in Keldeo and Snorlax by the time I faced Roxie. Skitty's Doubleslaps were not dealing much damage on Swadloon, so I used Snorlax for the rest of the match. The best healing items I had were Potions and one Fresh Water, ugh. I really appreciate having a non-water type and something with Rest on my team, now! Snorlax couldn't keep stomaching the critical hit'd Razor Leaf attacks from Burgh's Leavanny, so I used Snorlax's Yawn to allow Keldeo to finish off the match.

Congrats on the shiny find, Edwardo. :) I'd be very excited if I found a shiny during my adventure. Here's the team so far:

OT: Karli - ID: 21385 - Badges: 3

Winter the Dewott

Level 17
Quiet - Female - Torrent
Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Razor Shell


Level 21
Rash - Genderless - Justified
Aqua Jet, Take Down, Bubblebeam, Double Kick

Gluttony the Snorlax

Level 21
Relaxed - Male - Thick Fat
Yawn, Tackle, Rest, Earthquake

Lust the Skitty

Level 20
Docile - Female - Cute Charm
Copycat, Attract, Sing, DoubleSlap
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