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@Garet Xilfer meant the Umbrans from Greiger's RP, a race of Adlania. :P

@everyone get a rest from the battle, chat yourselves up (I think I'll have Tsulong share some tea with Pierce)

What's coming: after we get a nice rest, chit chat and share some meat and mead, we meet up with that crazy old Xatu back in Area 52's square for some guessing and planning. (The Plates that were carried away are the ones of the types: dark, dragon, fire, steel, water, grass, flying, ice) Where could they be hiding? Feel free to make assumptions and declarations, once you have a look at Altica's map.

"I'm surrounded by capable Pokemon who don't need me in battle. If they get themselves bloodied, and I am clean by the end of the battle, how long before they start questioning my bravery?"
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