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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
I gotta say you buried any possibility of DRG releasing version here.
Releasing the version without her permission isn't nice thing to do...
And as for some team completing this hack...
Do you want Dark Rising 2 or just another hack you're gonna play?

She can. It's her work.
Thanks for showing concern, but I think we can all agree that the chances of her coming back anyway are pretty slim. Like I said previously, I don't claim the version I hope to create as DRG's game. It will be a fan interpretation of DRG's game. Admitted it's a little bit malicious (not a good word choice there) but as we have seen, there was little of the game actually put onto that ROM, I for one spent a lot of time working on the game and still have all of my files left over. But as the ROM in my possession is mostly empty, that gives us a lot of space to work with. Think of it in terms of a movie. We are the directors, etc. And DRG was the one who wrote the script and the story. We just need to follow it as best we can to respect her. The idea of me resurrecting the ROM without her permission may seem like I'm trying to take credit or something, I'm not. Not at all. I simply want to enjoy this as do many other people seemingly. I'm doing this to make people happy and show DRG (if she returns) that lots of people still want to play this game, and then if she does return, she will of course take the ROM back completely.
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