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omg i really want to do this challenge so here goes. lol i had a hard time thinking about this i have no clue calvin harris

Username: Riane
Game: Blaze Black
Song: Feel so close/Calvin Harris/techno(i think if someone wants to correct me feel free)it might be more of house music but that kinda falls into techno
Team: Ampharos, Lapras, Jynx, Gardevoir, Blaziken, Snorlax
Ampharos- because "it's a force field" i'm going to teach it reflect and light screen, also i think this would be the closest pokemon i think for calvin harris
Lapras- because "your love surrounds me like a waterfall"
Jynx because "your love" or "i wear my heart around my sleeve" jynx is a lovely pokemon
Gardevoir because "i feel so close you to right now" ralts is a feeling pokemon
Blaziken because "There's no stopping us right now" blaziken has speed boost
Snorlax because "Like a BIG deal"
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