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There's currently no emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, but I would absolutely love to see one become a reality!

But, having said that... 3DS ROMs need the NAND data in order to synchronize with the game itself, otherwise they simply won't run at all. So if we were to build a 3DS emulator, we'd need the NAND binary data extracted from the 3DS, and we'd have to first try emulating the NAND data before beginning emulation of 3DS ROMs, because NAND data is important and essential for synchronization between the game and the amount of play coins in the NAND Flash storage.

From what I've heard... there has been a Japanese version NAND that has been dumped somewhere online. I'm not exactly sure if it's true or not, but we'll have to see.

Let's hope that we'll sooner or later hack the Nintendo 3DS, let's start learning some A+ or something and start researching the 3DS hardware data. Because remember... it doesn't have to matter how hard something is, we can achieve it... we can fully hack the Nintendo 3DS. It's just a matter of getting around to doing it and having enough knowledge about disassembling and reassembling computers and electronic devices, as long as you have that knowledge... you'll be bound to start researching the Nintendo 3DS and look into how it's data worked.

The only thing is... only very few people have actually bothered to research the Nintendo 3DS, most people that used to hack consoles like the Wii and Nintendo DS have all moved on to other things and probably cannot be bothered since they're getting older and having less time to do stuff, which completely understandable.

My advice would be to try and do as much research on devices as you can while you have the time.

Remember, nothing is impossible! ;)
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Researching the NDS ROMs...

sure does feel like a brand new adventure!

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