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Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

Vigil accepted Accatosh's offer of his tail to help him get up.

Vigil smiled as he replied to Accatosh's statement. "Heh...I was just doing what had to be done. But I'll take your advice next time around."

Accatosh smiled in return. Then an explosion happened Vigil, went running in the direction of the explosion, Accatosh followed Vigil. as they apporoched there were a couple of Aincients Vigil had ran past, bashing each one, then Alpha Alliance warriors engadged them, so there was no need for Accatosh to get into the mix of them.

when they got to where the explosion happened, the area was completely charred. nothing seemed alive. Vigil then saw movement and hurried to pull rubble out of the way.

"Guardia!" Vigil called out, with only minimal reply in terms of movement. He reached the rubble, frantically pulling off pieces of broken buildings and wood. There Guardia lay, injuried fairly seriously, but still alive. She had a few burns here and there, her signs of survival against the Sentinel. "Are you alright? What happened?" Vigil asked her, as he pulled her up and helped her onto her feet. Guardia shook a bit at first, having trouble keeping her balance, but managed to eventually remain standing. She recalled what had previously happened.

"The Inferno...he was here, and Prince of Light..." She trailed off in her voice, recalled how the Zoroark Gold Tribe member fell trying to get them a shot at the Inferno. "Then...Hoodhide..." Her voice trailed off once more, this time recalling the last words of Hoodhide.

"You're too valuable. Continue the fight. Honor me."

"All because of this..." Vigil said to himself aloud, looking down at the Gold crystal around his neck. " goes beyond that. Where did we go wrong...?"

Accatosh stepped forward, thinking, "we went wrong by being prideful and accepting those who were warriors in their respects, but were not ready to be accepted as members of the tribe, they didn't have our code of ethics..." Accatosh stopped abruptly in his statement, as he heard the sounds of battle calling, he lifted his head to listen.