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Quote originally posted by ilias_:
I think, the worst Pokemon of all the regions is Garbodor. They could have kept this Pokemon for themselves to be honest. Trubbish is cute. It did not need an evolution, in my opinion.
I agree with you. Trubbish was adorable in the anime, most of all, but Garbodor..... They could at least have made it look like an old broken machine or something. With poison swelling out 8D

Quote originally posted by Sandshrew4:
I'd have to say Jynx. It's so creepy, and its voice annoys me to no end. I hate it.
Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Anyway, I hate Zebstrika. Its cry is annoying, its face is annoying, the fact that it sucks in battle is annoying, and I didn't have the nsfw filter on when I looked for fanart of Elesa long ago and I mean I'm going to stop there. Reasons I don't like Zebstrika. Yup.
Quote originally posted by Brendino:
Since Day 1, I've hated Tentacool more than any other Pokemon.
;; you guys hate so much. Haha.

I don't downright hate any pokémon, but the worst pokémon of all regions that comes to mind are Weedle, Zubat and Tentacool, yeah. Because of their tendencies to kill nuzlocke runs poison or confuse my pokémon. That's gamewise, though. I don't really dislike their designs or concepts otherwise, Tentacool I find especially cool, hehe.

Apart from Garbodor, I might say the Klink family or whatever they are really called. They are just... I just can't really enjoy a pokémon that looks that much like a machine and that little as something that is actually alive.

Mothim and Wormadam also come close, I never really understood why anyone would like to train that pokémon. So boring, mostly :p

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