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Originally Posted by Miss Anne Thrope View Post
I'm assuming you've been looking solely at Smogons pages for individual Pokemon. They have suggested movesets and so on.
What you might not know is that Smogon is just trying to show you the most efficient sets for those Pokemon that they've experienced.
Most of the website is designed to guide people to win competitive battles. No one is stopping you from being creative with your teams and sets. Smogon just offers educated suggestions if you'd like to compete.
That's what I have been looking at and it annoys me. I tried to find problems with their moves and setups, but sadly most of them are pretty good. It's not like anyone needs Smogon to complete or learn about Pokemon. I mean, the site is entirely set up and striving for competitive information for which the Pokemon franchise and Nintendo don't provide, it just seems cheap. I like their charts and things, ways to break them down by stats and having the information there to learn about Pokemon, but the individual pages seem to annoy me with their moves and setups.

Originally Posted by Charblade111 View Post
...You're joking, right?
Smogon has plenty of guides to show you how to RNG, EV train, and learn about Pokemons' base stats/movepools and what they should be doing. It's like for Science class and you use a textbook. You don't go out and do field research for yourself, that's time-consuming and ridiculous because it's already been proven.
And the posted sets are only suggested sets, most of the time the EVs/moves don't fit into your team. They give you a general idea, not exactly what you should be doing. Smogon themselves leave more options underneath the set to help you out to fit what you need.
I'll just post a quote I feel is appropriate here. I don't remember the exact user, but it's a forum poster from Serebii:
"Smogon isn't 'attacking your creativity'. They don't have elite forces of ninjas capturing you forcing you to use Scizor."
It's more-so like having a cheat sheet next to a science test, achieving nothing, but a copy/paste mentality.