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SU is, hopefully, finished.

Character Name: Wayra Temuujin

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Class: Shaman

If you are one of the lucky few that manage to actually see his face you'll almost immediately notice his tanned skin to be startling, as well as his customarily died hair, which is a dark purple. Not exactly a tall person at 5'9", or heavy person at 160 pounds, he still maintains a fairly muscled tone due to wearing his heavy robes. He's fairly normal looking, besides the purple hair, of course. More than likely you would not see any part of his skin, since most shamans wear ornate robes that often cover the majority of their body. Currently, he wears a basic hooded robe that is black with red accents. The robe's length reaches the ground, and the hood is over-sized, thus casting a shadow over his face. On top of the robe is a sleeved vest, also black with red accents, decorated in native patterns (think Native American meets Mongolian), with the sleeves ending in what appear to be finger-less mittens. His shoes are traditional moccasins, but made from a more durable leather due to his travels. Around his waist is a silken band, ornamented with a silver pendant indicating what tribe he serves.

Wayra may be from a less educated tribe, but he is intelligent, and his studies in Ylisse have provided much growth to his overall knowledge. He is also instinctual in many situations, often able to detect lies from allies and enemies alike. Composed and calm, he often has a tactical edge over those that were not trained in strategy. The fierce nature and savagery on the battlefield is inherited from his tribe, often using excessive force to demoralize opposition and frighten would be attackers.

His tendencies often take a turn when Citlali is mentioned. If someone speaks of her, which wouldn't be too unusual with someone familiar with Regna-Ferox, he'll become spastic and unable to process information effectively. Occasionally he'll start rambling on about why he left home, and overall seem like a puppy missing its master.

As a shaman, it is only natural that Wayra treats life and death with a bit of indifference. This is not to say he does not care, because he must, a shaman must respect and value all things, but he does not worry about things such as living and dying. He believes that it is only natural for all things to return to return to nothingness, and for new life to replace it. This is one of the few indisputable truths he believes in.

Raised in a nomadic tribe, Wayra discovered that he had the ability to use elder magic (what they call dark magic) at the unusual age of 6. This was even odder considering neither side of his family were known for magic, but none the less his talent soon brought attention to his tribe, specifically from the young khan candidate Citlali. She was a fierce warrior from one of the more prominent tribes. They had met when he was 10. Her father had been looking for a young adviser to groom, and tradition indicated that shamans, when properly groomed, became some of the best at aiding their khan. The father acquired the young shaman after hearing about his early growth. Almost immediately Wayra began learning about civilities that he had never needed in his tribe, after all they weren't far from savages. The tribe he had been adopted into had a much greater array of of knowledge regarding elder magic, and this increase of information served as a prime chance for him to learn and further his abilities. His studies flourished up until his 13th year. At this point the relationship he had with Citlali became complicated and distorted. What was once a strictly professional relationship had been altered by their vast amounts of time together. Now their relationship was at a point were a decision must be made. Would he make the responsible, professional choice or would he succumb to his desires? The choice he made was unexpected by Citlali, he decided to make a pilgrimage and meditate on his choice. He also planned to use the time to better himself in elder magic. So onward he set to Ylisse, to make a decision and to further his studies.

When he had arrived the wealth of knowledge poured over him. The vast amounts of information regarding 'dark magic,' as they called it, was astounding. The title of dark magic, however, caused him severe grief. Many in Ylisse condemned the usage of elder magic, which perplexed the young shaman. Perhaps they were unaware of its origins. Something that any shaman learned was were elder magic came from, well, sort of. Elder magic was commonly explained to have existed before the world was young. It came from nothingness, as did all things, and it will return things to nothingness, thus life comes full circle. There is nothing evil or dark about this. The mere thought was insulting to his people and his way of life.

Something else that he learned in Ylisse was that civilized to his people was crude in this country. He had to study various works to prevent himself from appearing foolish or unintelligible, which he wasn't, he simply lacked the necessary knowledge of Ylisse's people. From his country he was considered something of a scholar, and educated person. Certain ways of speaking weren't practical with many of his tribe mates, new or old, thus it would be assumed that any information that they couldn't communicate to their people would be useless.

One of the first things he had found out soon after learning their speech patterns was the prince's militia, the Shepherds. Certain things were available to those who were deemed worthy of joining, though he only wanted one thing. He wanted access to any manuscripts, tomes, or any other form of documents regarding elder magic, though he felt he might have to explain what elder magic was and why it wasn't 'dark magic.' They initially feared the prospect of allowing a shaman to join, but his abilities were undeniable. Paired with his naturally sturdy build he was guaranteed entry. Now he awaits his orders, all while contemplating the reason that brought him to Ylisse to begin with.

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