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The opening line of this wouldn't leave as soon as I thought of the prompt. I decided to go with a Pokemon fanfic, rather than my usual fandom for short stories.

This also sets up a little of the alternate universe my Pokemon fics take place in.

-- --

If she had the chance to do it again, she wouldn't have.

Delia Ketchum hurried past the closed bedroom door. It was right at the top of the stairs. That was a fight she gave into, allowing her son to have the room of his choice upstairs. She had worried then. Her hurried clumsy son never tumbled down the stairs, though. His tiny hands grasped the handrail as he stumbled down them, and he always jumped down the last step, his feet stomping against the wooden floor.

Then he was out the door. The same door Delia had opened one day to greet a police officer from Viridian City. The officer saluted her and said, “Mrs. Ketchum? We regret to inform you that--”

How many months has it been? Two? Three? Twelve?

In those months, she had many visitors. Even Professor Oak took the time out of his day to see her. He apologized to her, many times in that day and beyond. If only he had known. If only he had a Bulbasaur or a Charmander. No, a Squirtle just like Ash always wanted. But Gary Oak took the Squirtle and was off battling in tournaments.

And Ash...

Turning around, Delia opened the closed bedroom door. Faces of various Pokémon toys greeted her. Pokémon posters covered the walls, and Pokémon books lay scattered on the floor. Sunlight streaming through the open window caught the gold statue of Ho-Oh above the bed. Ho-Oh had always been her son's favorite Pokémon, and he told her one day that he was going to find it. It was his dream, right after becoming a Pokémon Master.

The room was exactly as it was the day he left on his journey. He had been so excited. Nothing would hold him back from being a trainer. Not even his worried mother.

“I'm sorry, Delia. If I didn't give him that Pikachu, this never would have happened.”

Not even a Pikachu unused to humans, who unleashed a Thunderbolt during a lightning storm strong enough to kill a young boy who loved Pokémon enough to die for them.

The same morning Delia opened the door for a police officer, there was a reported sighting of Ho-Oh on Route 1. Right where her son had died.

Ash fulfilled his dream.

If Delia had the chance to save her son, she wouldn't take it.
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