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Heh, yeah. The games don't excite me in the same way now as when I was younger and my reasons for hanging around PC aren't solely focused around pokémon anymore. More around people! I guess I would feel a little thrill if I actually got to the endgame of a Sinnoh game at some point :p But it's the other aspects, or rather what can be imagined and pondered, that I still find interesting. Hence why I lurk this place rather than the pokémon gaming sections where many PC members maybe feel more at home xD There's always new people who find PC and who care mostly about the gaming experience, I guess.

Oh, I should get myself a DS too. At some point when I have more money, so not this summer. I'd love to have the Unova games on it, but I would't really care about other DS games so it would mean buying the console just to play pokémon. Kind of like when I bought my GBA... Totally worth it though!
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