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Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
I go for the newer stuff mainly to keep up with the franchise as a whole, but I go back to the past mainly because of the music.
I do the opposite ^^ Well, not to keep up with the franchise - I mean that I can sometimes enjoy listening to the soundtrack of gen 4 and onward, while I prefer playing gen 3 and older.

Quote originally posted by Curtis talli:
The reason I go back to old games is because I want to play the story again.
Opposite here, at least :> I think the stories and plots of the newer games are better. Just look at the Unova games and their intricate evil characters and compare those to Team Rocket. So I don't really go back because of the story.

For me, generations I, II and III are nostalgic, since I played those when I was a kid. Gen IV and gen V are still new and I haven't properly finished a game in those generations yet. I prefer playing through the old games rather than strive to finish the newer ones though. I feel comfortable with them and the nostalgic feelings they bring up actually do make me feel a bit excited when playing.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia, so yeah. That gets my vote.
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