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I've not been eating too great because of stomach acid so..

-Co-codamol (paracetemol + codeine)
-Pepto Bismol
-Zantac (antacid)

-some fruit and fibre cereal with some museli and a small banana cut up (it was a pretty large bowl so I feel a bit unhealthy because of all the carbs I've been having.. since I basically just ate crackers and soy stuff the day before :c..)
-chocolate milk (tall glass)
-handful of nuts
-a salad topped with some small meatballs and onion with a drizzle of HP sauce to taste
-like 3 crackers.

might take another co-codamol later if my stomach starts hurting again :c it's been hurting for like a week.

not sure what I'll have for dinner. Maybe a salad again but with eggs to make up for the lack of greens yesterday.
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