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Quote originally posted by Amore:
Alright, Battle Arena is really getting annoying now...
In my last battle, their 3rd pokémon was a Parasect, which won on referee's decision due to greater health against my Swampert.
However, against my Latios it used Spore twice and Double Team once. Latios attempted Dragon Claw twice (healed from Spore the first time).
So Latios was left with full health, Parasect had less, although it had recovered some with Leftovers.
Latios won Mind, Parasect won Skill, fair enough. But Parasect won body? I don't understand this, as Parasect had <100% hp, Latios had 100%. So how did Parasect win? Anyone care to explain?
Body is calculated by (((HP remaining at end)*100)/(starting HP)).

Because Parasect gained HP and Latios stayed the same, it would have had more points.
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