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So I recently had to replace the little battery in my Red Version because it finally quit saving and lost my saved file. (Very sad for me.) And although it's rather disheartening to start all over I've finally built myself up to do so and it's been rather fun. But it keeps plaguing me in the back of my mind that it could very well just happen again and all my progress be lost yet again. I know it's a silly thing to worry about but it just sort of irks me that it happened and eventually will happen again. So I've decided to just enjoy the game for what it is one last time and complete as much of it as I possibly can before shutting off my Gameboy Color for good.
Here's my team, like most people I'd like to know what you guys think.


It seems a little bland at the looks, Bulbasaur was the first Pokemon I ever got way way back as a kid so naturally I picked it again. I decided on Vaporeon because originally I wanted to get a Poliwag because again as a kid I like him a lot. (I had Blue Version originally) but alas Poliwag is exclusive to Blue! Arcanine because I again like Growlithe a lot, lucking out here with it being a Red only exclusive although it was a pain waiting to level 50 just for Flamethrower before I could evolve it! Raichu because, well come on, even though Pikachu is over-rated, it's Pikachu and this is first gen. I felt kind of stupid once I found out that Pikachu never learns Thunderbolt naturally in first gen, I was all the way in Saffron clearing out the Silph. Co. building of Rocket Grunts before I even realized I'd wasted all that time not using a Thunder Stone on it! I've actually never used a Snorlax before and the thing owns so hard. I taught it Earthquake, Body Slam and Psychic and kept Rest on it. I've also never used an Aerodactyl before either. I was kind of heartbroken to find out that it can't learn Rock Slide! That's rather cheap wouldn't you guys agree? But it's fast and very sturdy, I actually like it a lot.

Sorry for the long post but just a few more things I'd like to say. Seeing as how this is going to be the last time I play my Pokemon Red Version, I'm finishing every thing as much as possible so naturally that includes the Pokedex! Sadly I'll have to leave out the starter Pokemon and Mew. But my friend has his Crystal Version still and he's going to help me at least get the Pokemon I can't obtain in Red like Sandshrew Meowth and the such.

Also, since it's my last time playing and I've played so so so many times I decided to play the game differently this time around. Instead of fighting each Gym Leader as they come I actually fought Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, skipped Erika and fought Koga so I could use Surf. Then I cleared out all the overworld trainers and dungeons minus the Elite 4 and Victory Road before I even fought Erika. And I got a say it was a nice refresher.

In short to sum all this up, Pokemon is great.
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