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Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
I've decided it would be best to re-learn HTML before I bother with CSS. I remember being able to do simple stuff by memory, but I actually had to ask my younger (computer genius) cousin for help once. X} We're less than a year apart in age, at least.

Yeah, we haven't had a chance to talk much since I disabled messaging.
How is Monty? Still grouchy? x;

Over here it says that Nathan's post was at 9:03 and it's 9:13 now. ?_?
Also, spellcheck says "Nathan's" is not a word haha. Either getting only a few hours of sleep is catching up with me, or spellcheck is just being weird.
Monty is okay

Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
HTML5 Insomniac?
The same happened when I tried to learn C.
Yeah it's pretty boring. I'm learning it on codecademy