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Quote originally posted by Cold Ivory:
Visual Boy Advance on PC.
Were it the emulator, it's being oddly specific. It runs standard Gen III ROMs fine, and all other hacks I've tried so far. And it only affects overworld framerate; the rest of the game (battle animations, title/intro) works fine.

On a possibly related issue, does anyone know why one of the level scripts in the Moving Truck uses cmda6 0x5? I know that it's related to tile behavior, like the breaking tiles or ice tiles, but unless its somehow related to the initial animation, its presence baffles me.

It may initiate the truck animation (though most likely no). I think it helps the truck animation in some way. I have actually heard problems about Truck Remover with Emerald (none with RS though), so this may be the case. Have you tried changing the start map via SMCA to another location? Maybe it is the truck itself becuase the ASM as been removed (well, not removed, but nop'ed).

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
Just tryna figure out how to fix this problem;

Basically I want to insert HGSS sprites into my Emerald hack which is already complete, the sprites can be inserted via an IPS Patch. Now when I use a Clean Emerald ROM and Patch it with the HGSS Patch, it's fine but then I add the Expert Emerald Patch and things become messy, a minor amount of sprites become corrupt and occasionally trainer matches will not start. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is it impossible to Patch an already patched Emerald Rom once again?

Insert the sprites found in Chaos Rush's DS Styled Pokemon Resource into the game via Wichu's Advanced Sprite Editors. The patch you are talking about probably overwrites the data in the location that you inserted your sprite to. Don't use patches in such a fashion as they overwrite the data at their destined location no matter what. Even if something already exists there. Use tools instead to insert them.


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