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Smogon is not terrible at all, in fact it's the go-to place for getting knowledge on competitive battling, especially if you're new to competitive play in general. It's much more fast and fierce compared to in-game play. Basically, ask any serious competitive battler what the best guide is and they'd probably say Smogon.

The guides Smogon provides are great, such as the recommended natures, items, abilities, EV spreads and movesets for the Pokemon you want to use. It basically exists to ensure you make the best of a Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a guide to all the tiers in the metagame, so you know which Pokemon performs better and what doesn't. Basically you wouldn't want to use an all-Fire moveset on your Charizard eh? Because the key to building a successful team is understanding all the strengths and weaknesses, as well as what job that Pokemon is best at doing. Some are great as walls, while others are more fragile but fast sweepers.

As the others said, Smogon has everything you need to know, and studying every Pokemon so you know what their most efficient role is is important when it comes to team building.