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Desus - The Tavern

The silent human was no longer silent, instead wanting to know any more information she had for them as well as wanting some supplies, which was natural she supposed. The Musus on the other hand seemed to be quite eager to set out... though that eagerness did end up causing some of the other patrons to glance about at his loud statements. The Umbran was also eager to set out and the bard was shedding some information already! Quite a lovely chap!

She nodded her head, "Yes, I suppose we did. Though I am unsure as to what exactly we did. That is partly why Richard set out, to find out why they started attacking. And no, I wouldn't want Richard to be served in any sort of stew. The entrance is outside of town." The Musus pulled out a sheet of paper with a drawing of the small town and detailing a path leading outside of the village. "This path is north of town. Follow it, but you'll want to take this fork in the road right here." She pointed further on to where the path split. "Take the left road and it will lead you right to the cave entrance. You'll also notice signs of goblin inhabitants such as strong smells and perhaps some totems here or there. Be careful adventurers. While I fully hope that you are successful in your task, if it seems that death will come upon you, I implore to you leave and at least bring back whatever information you have learned."

She smiled weakly, "As to supplies you may need, go over to the general store. Our newest arrival, Barrus, is inside manning the counter. He just departed from the Musi cities. He's a cheerful fellow, should be able to get you what you need. Most of our supplies aren't... as durable as those sold in the cities, but it should serve you well none the less. Also, these supplies will be free for you to use. No need in stealing every coin from those who are trying to save the town. Now if you want to you can go ahead and depart, just be careful."

The other patrons in the tavern slowly began to disperse one by one, still a bit spooked by what Narr had shouted out, though with him talking with one of the few in town who truly knew what was going on, of course they would take it as a warning. Of course the elder Musus sighed, "Well, that's something to clean up now. In future adventurers, don't go shouting about death and fire." She weakly sighed and stood up and left as well to calm the townsfolk.
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