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Quote originally posted by Pinkie-Dawn:
Political Correctness is why a lot of people can't have nice things nor enjoy their life experience. A good example is Christmas, where people who don't celebrate Christmas, people who celebrate other holidays on Decembers like Kuanza and modern-day scrooges, are easily offended by the holiday and try to have local governments to change it, but at the cost of offending people who celebrate Christmas. This is one of the more difficult tasks of trying to please everyone without offending every unique individual, but in the end, the results are catatrophic.
I think that's not a real problem, it's mostly blown out of proportion by the media and in society imo. I live in a place where it's 50% Chinese, 30% South Asian, and 10% White. I doubt that anyone could find a racial mix like that anywhere else. Christmas decorations go up in all our local malls in November. I think most of the controversy comes from people trying to prempt it by renaming "Christmas" into "festive" or whatnot before there's any uproar - you don't fix something that ain't broken.

Quote originally posted by Scarf:
I disagree. Some things are just offensive on their face. People shouldn't be ignorant of how offensive what they say could be. That's where I think people get annoyed at "political correctness" because they have this strawman idea of what being PC is, i.e., you have to tiptoe around everyone, only say nice things, etc. when the ideas behind political correctness are just to be conscious of differences between people and then take those differences into account to maybe question established values or judgments and also to stop harassment and verbal abuse of people because of their differences.
I agree. Going back to respect, if you fail to communicate an intent, it's possible that you just failed at communication. It's two-way, and just because you've expelled words from your mouth doesn't mean you've expelled all responsibility for the effect they have on the listener along with it.
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