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Quote originally posted by BlahISuck:
What kind of person opposes a mosque though? What kind of person opposes the construction of a church of any kind?
You'd hope it would be people who don't want all the associated conflicts that religion brings with it. Sadly, it probably wouldn't be that sort of a person...

Quote originally posted by BlahISuck:
I agree. Going back to respect, if you fail to communicate an intent, it's possible that you just failed at communication. It's two-way, and just because you've expelled words from your mouth doesn't mean you've expelled all responsibility for the effect they have on the listener along with it.
Exactly. Most of the time my dad doesn't get my humour, but often that's because I don't alter the tone of my voice enough to convey a sense of irony. Words aren't necessarily the problem, more the way they're used.
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