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The first game I ever played was Yellow. I had this Cartdrige for my Gameboy Color that had 12 games on it and Pokémon was listed as the first.
I didn't speak english so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I just went along with whatever was happening.
I remember I was extremely frustrated at the old man blocking my path in Viridian and at the first Guard at the League Gate for not letting me pass.
I spent days trying to figure out what to do then I accidently entered the PokéMart in Viridian and triggered the Oak's Parcel quest xD
I was overjoyed to finally be able to move on.
Since Pokémon was airing back then (I was like 6 or 7 o.o) I tried building up Ash's team on my game.
But yeah, beating Brock took me ages because I kept trying to use electric attacks on his Pokémon xD
Then I reached Mt. Moon which was pure nightmare for me.
Zubats everywhere and I kept going around in circles, unable to find the exit.
Then I was so happy when I got Charmander and Bulbasaur and Squirtle, like the whole world was at my feet xD
I never got to finish the game though >u< But I remember I was trying to force Pikachu to evolve by using a Thunderstone on him xD

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.

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