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This forum hasn't really been that remotely active for a very long time, perhaps even from 2003, it only has 19 pages of threads from all time while other forums average at least 50, even Spin-off Games has around 30 pages of threads. I'd reckon it has been tried multiple times to bring activity to this forum but their efforts turned out futile.

The main problem with Manga/Comics, I think, are there really isn't much to talk about, and the lack of interest of most people. Unlike anime, they only need to turn on the television and watch it from there, with their tushies comfortably warming up their sofas. If they want to read manga, they'd have to either go out and buy a copy or read it on the internet (don't get me started with scanlations and such). The only activity in here in the past 5 or 6 days is in this very thread.

By the way, it isn't admitting defeat if this sub-forum is taken away. If the public demands a Pokémon manga/comic forum, and the activity proves to be worthwhile, then the sub-forum will be most likely brought back up. (Not that this sub-forum will be taken down because that's totally up to whoever is manning this forum lol)
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