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You are bringing up valid points, Zeffy :] I just wonder why the subforum has been kept in existence for this long, if it's that inactive. The thread revival rule is set to 90 days instead of 30 - maybe it has been seen as okay that this subforum is a bit slow, as a necessary evil for the good of it actually existing for the people who want to post here. Which... don't seem to be a lot of people, truthfully :[

And, just saying, reading on the internet is not much more difficult than doing a google search and clicking for a bit. But most people perhaps don't know that or simply do not care for manga when there are so many other, more colorful aspects of the pokémon franchise. Which isn't as much of a problem as it is a pity, since public demand is what should really govern what sections exist or not, yeah.

Also, Patchisou Yuthoru is manning this forum now, from what I heard Sydian whisper. But it seems like any smods are handling the reports so I'm not sure lol
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