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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
You are bringing up valid points, Zeffy :] I just wonder why the subforum has been kept in existence for this long, if it's that inactive. The thread revival rule is set to 90 days instead of 30 - maybe it has been seen as okay that this subforum is a bit slow, as a necessary evil for the good of it actually existing for the people who want to post here. Which... don't seem to be a lot of people, truthfully :[
Perhaps because the staff deemed the activity of the forum sufficient, given the actual state of Pokémon Manga/Comics. My suggestion was merely just that, a suggestion. If it isn't entirely needed, then it can be forgotten of entirely.

Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
And, just saying, reading on the internet is not much more difficult than doing a google search and clicking for a bit
How many times have I seen the same response for quick questions that could be answered via a quick google search? A lot. It seems that the PC people's laziness knows no bound lol