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:D It's done! Is that enough or should I put in extra?

Name: Dexter (Dex) Carlton

Age: 18

Dexter looks like a mix between a caucasian and a pacific islander. He has kinda that “surfer” vibe to him and he looks the part. Dex has tanned skin but, his hair contrasts that by being a sandy blonde color. Dexter’s eyes are a deep blue color with flakes of green in them. He has a wide smile that is almost always on his face. His hair reaches to about the middle of his neck and is just a moppy hair cut with no particular style, it could be described as shaggy and tends to look really wavy. He stands at about 5’11 and has a big muscular build weighing in at about 180 lbs.

Dex is known for his tendency to always wear board shorts even in the coldest months of the year. He usually wears a button down short sleeve shirt unbuttoned, and wears a light blue t-shirt under that. Another trademark of Dexter is that he always carries a brown ukulele around which was given to him by his father.

Dex is one of those people that always seems relaxed and laid-back. He’s one of the most positive people you could meet and he can always make a situation go from down to cheery in no time. He treats everyone kindly and especially his pokemon which he deems his best friends. Dexter is quite the ladies man and is one heck of a flirtatious guy. He has a very playful nature and treats complete strangers like they’ve been best friends which annoys some but, appeases others. But in reality all that is just a mask, Dexter’s father left his family when he was younger and although they had a good relationship, his mother blamed him for it and he soon blamed himself for it. Under all the charisma is a lonely kid wishing for his father to come back home.

Dexter grew up in the Unova Region and was specifically raised in Undella Town. There he lived happily with a mother who was a pokemon breeder and father who was a singer that would often go out to surf. As a small child Dex was an extremely quiet and shy kid and would often never come out of his room. His father would often come into his room and sing to him to try and connect. Dexter soon opened up with his father and they became extremely close. They would bond over music, his dad would take him surfing, and they would do many activities together. The thing was that Dex’s mother was a sadistic and cruel woman and whenever Dex’s father was gone out either surfing or performing she would beat Dex and berate him.

One day his father and his mother got into a heated argument and Dexter’s dad decided to leave the family. Without notice to Dexter, he grabbed all his belongings and left all signs that he had lived in that home except for three things. A surfboard, a ukulele, and a note that said I love you son. Remember all that I taught you and always keep a smile upon your face. Dex became distraught and his mother would beat him every day. She would scream at him and tell him it was his fault for being such a bad son that his father would leave. Dexter would escape from the hell around him by running away for times to surf and to just drift off while playing his father’s little instrument. Eventually Dex gave in and started believing the words that his mother would always say to him.

On his 13th birthday Dex had enough and he left his former home. He had no idea where he would go or what he would do but he heard that there was a new nation called the Novia Region. He wanted a new start where he could meet new people and settle down. Dex decided on going to this new region and starting a new life where he would be like his father, a charming and cheerful man. All he had was a ukulele and a surfboard but, he somehow made it to Castelia City. He would often make friends on the way and they would protect him from the wild pokemon and give him food. Dex didn’t have to beg once on his journey. Eventually in 3 years Dexter made his way to Coriolis Town where he bought a home. The beachy area made for a perfect area for him to relax and surf. Dex became well known in the town and he was one of the most well-liked people in the area. His ability to woo girls and make friends made him an instant hit. Eventually Dexter became bored with the life that he lived, he had heard from friends that the pokemon professor was enlisting people to go on a journey with a pokemon she gave them. Dexter soon became interested and that is where the adventure begins...

Chosen Starter:
Rob (Pawniard, Inner Focus - Scratch, Leer, Metal Claw, Iron Defence)
Rob is a male Pawniard that is very rebillous to his trainer and any other type of authority over him. He likes to play fight often and likes to sleep to the sound of Dex playing his ukalele.

Any other info:
Dexter likes to play the ukulele and sing. Since he got beat by his mother he started to develop a tendency to never be able to let anyone close to him.
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