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For pretty much all Pokemon games, when they are booted up, you get an intro. These are usually in the forms of short action cinematics, with exciting audio and visuals that relate to the theme of the game you are about to play. There is then a game theme song and image of the games mascot, usually a legendary or starter pokemon
An intro also covers the events when you start a game for the first time, being any cutscenes or sequences, such as the chat with a Professor, anything that occurs before you start playing is my definition.

So, what is your favourite Pokemon intro? Is it flying, surfing Pikachu in Yellow? Or maybe something in one of the newer games? Tell us! ^.^ Also explain the reason you like said intro. Perhaps it's the title music, or you love it when Prof. Oak asks you if you're a boy or girl :/

My favourite intro to a Pokemon game is in Colosseum, I mean look at this:

Explosions, betrayal, heists, getaway motorbikes, in POKEMON!!! My god, the sheer coolness of it all hasn't really been experimented with much, which is sad, but it's still epic :D
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